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Play the best game of all time, dubbed "The Great Minesweeper," according to legend! The creator of gambling software Bgaming decided to resurrect this beloved tale after experiencing nostalgia for the amazing "Minesweeper." 

Minesweeper is a game where you try not to step on the mines. You can now play it with modern graphics and sound. If you want, you can also choose the size of the playing field. The goal is still the same: not to step on the mines. You can win 98.1% of the time if you don't step on them. And for people who don't want to gamble or want to test their intuition, there is a demo version of Minesweeper.

Minesweeper Game Features: Interface and Rules

The machine's gameplay is straightforward, much like its forerunner. A green field lies in front of the player, divided into tiny squares. The size of the field can be manually changed in the upper right corner, from a little 2x3 to a huge 6x15. Bets and stakes must be similarly set and bet sizes may range from 1 to 100. Cryptocurrency has long been used as assurance that your account is secure and that you will be able to withdraw money whenever you choose.

Each new move in Minesweeper Crash Game is a alternating line of cells, in which you must pick one safe; therefore, it does not promote chaotic movement on the field. Red flags are hidden lucky squares and exploding bombs are placed next to unsuccessful ones. If the player makes it through the path without being harmed, he receives a monetary bonus. The passage is dramatic and energetic, ensuring that the game is entertaining.

The player receives a return of 97.8% to 98.4 percent, depending on his choice.

The Rules of the Game

The player may set the field's size. The following sizes are available: 2x3, 3x6, 4x9, 5x12, or 6x15. The player enters the Settings and chooses a field size in the Fields section to choose the game's dimensions.

  • To begin the game, click the START button.

  • To make your next move, select any box on the field.

  • If the player steps on an unmined cell, he wins. Payouts are shown at the bottom of each column and are multiplied by the overall bet. The profits are automatically credited to the player's account as all levels are completed successfully.

  • If the player steps on the bomb, he loses everything he has won up to that point.

  • The player may take his winnings at any time by pressing the COLLECT button. However, as the player advances, the earnings increase!

If the game goes wrong, all prior rounds and earnings from them are erased! All unfinished games are resolved every six hours. If a COLLECT is available in the game, it will be made and the winnings will be added to the player's balance if this option has been selected. If the game waits for a decision from the player, it is calculated as though he or she had taken a risk without increasing their initial stake.

Final Thought

The gameplay is basic yet engaging: make your way to the other side of the field without blowing yourself up. Even losing, though, is enjoyable owing to the excellent design and sounds! The "BOOM" is juicy, as well as the light smoke rising when you land on a mine. Minesweeper stands out in Bgaming's portfolio of slots and card games, and it's well worth giving a try if you miss those wasted hours playing the original version. Make your choice wisely; sapper never repeats his errors!


How to play Minesweeper?

To start the game, click the START button. Walk across the minefield. The player makes his next move by selecting any box on the field. If the player steps on an unmined cell - he wins. Payouts are displayed at the bottom of each row and are multiplied by the total bet. As all levels are successfully completed, the winnings are automatically credited to the player's balance. If the player steps on the bomb, he loses his bet and all previous winnings.

Can I play Minesweeper for free?

Yes, you can play a demo version of Minesweeper without registration and without making a deposit.

What is Minesweeper's RTP?

The Minesweeper RTP is 97.8% - 98.4%.

How to win in Minesweeper?

The player can pick up his winnings at any time by pressing the COLLECT button. But the further the player goes, the bigger the winnings become!

What is the maximum possible win in Minesweeper?

The maximum possible win in Minesweeper is 10,000x your total bet.

What is the minimum bet in Minesweeper?

The minimum bet in Minesweeper is 0.1$.

What is the maximum bet in Minesweeper?

The maximum bet in Minesweeper is 10$.

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